When Your Story Feels Small…

I used to tell my story like it didn’t matter.

I’m an open book, I’d say, and I don’t mind sharing to anyone that asks because, I mean, it’s just a story, right? It’s no big deal. Quick, get it over with, done. My story is whatever.


Maybe you’ve felt this, this urge to practice and pre-package your life because the more times you say it, the less it hurts. You pack it down into this nice little elevator speech that takes two seconds to tell before you casually walk away.

Or maybe you’re the opposite, so afraid of vocalizing where you’ve been because somehow putting it into words brings it all back. It relives those feelings, the same ones you’ve spent your whole entire life running from, the same ones you have worked so hard to not have to feel anymore.

Or maybe you’re protective of your heart. You’re afraid they’ll look at you different or they’ll judge you or they won’t listen or it won’t matter or you won’t get through it or no one will care. You must harbor your story, keep it way deep down where no one can find it and have to see the mess of where you’ve been.

Or maybe you compare your story with others. There’s the pretty girl who everyone just swoons over her every word, and there’s the experienced girl who has seen so much and done so much and knows so much, and there’s you. Just you.

Some hide, some minimize, some compare, some bury, but at some point, we all hear the discouraging whisper: Your story is small.

But I want to share something with you all that you may never have realized. I say this because God is just now revealing it to me, day by day, in His Word. It’s true for me, and it’s true for you:

It was never your story to begin with.

Take that in, friends. It was never your story to begin with!

Galatians 2:20 says this: “I have been crucified with Christ and I no longer live, but Christ lives in me.” When Jesus called out, “It is Finished!” back in John 19, He meant the whole thing. My story, your story, ended on that day when we were crucified with him. When we accept the Lord into our lives, we accept His story as our own. How incredible is that?

Next time you try to hide your story, or compare your story, or minimize your story, or bury your story, remember, your story does not belong to you; it belongs to Him. You cannot put it in a box, and a city on a hill cannot be hidden, friends.  There is no comparison to the grace of our salvation. We can celebrate our deliverance from the sinner we once were! It’s the greatest story ever told, and it has been entrusted to you.

So my story was never mine at all. I had no control over it, had no way of determining how my life would go, and I cannot decide how God will use it. My story, when it’s about me, it is small. But when we realize that God is in the mix, His love and His purpose and His holiness, all of a sudden my small story of brokenness becomes His beautiful story of redemption.

And now, I find myself here, just humbled, blessed, and grateful to get to tell His story.

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