Filling in the Blanks

Recently, I’ve been seeing so many Christian women visualizing their future with such passion and joy.

It’s refreshing to see godly women with such beautiful goals and aspirations. But there’s one simple flaw to this system: so many of these visions are tainted with perfection. We all tend to have this idea of what our perfect future will look like, but I want to switch this up and get down to the heart of this for a second.

“I can’t wait to _________.”
“All I want is to ___________.”
__________ is going to give me such joy and peace.”

What fills your blank?

It could be landing your dream job or moving somewhere new and exciting. Maybe it’s finding a husband, or even just a boyfriend for that matter. Perhaps you just want to have kids already or lose a few pounds already or whatever you think will be that one thing that will radically change your life, flip it upside down, and make everything better already.

It took me graduating college, getting engaged, and removing toxic people from my life to realize that these are all lies. 

Please don’t misunderstand me; these things are healthy and good and wonderful to desire! But when I couldn’t find a job in my field, my fiance and I were arguing again, and waves of guilt and shame washed over me for the umpteenth time, I wasn’t happy. Life wasn’t perfect. I just found something else to fill my blank, and shifted my faith to this newfound vision of hope for my next future.

My life was exactly as I pictured it and desired it and yet nothing was “better.” Are you surprised?

In John 16:33, Jesus tells us that in this world we will struggle. We will face trials, and we will suffer. He doesn’t say, “In this world until you get married” or “In this world until you have money” or “In this world until you ______.” No, He says In. This. World. Period! As long as we are in this world, Jesus guarantees us that we will have difficulties. We cannot find peace in our goals, aspirations, and visions of our future lives because we know there will be difficulty there too.

But praise God, because Jesus says this in the same exact verse:
“I have said these things to you so that in me you may have peace.”

We were never created to find peace in pinterest boards or the numbers on a scale or the amount in a bank account. These things are not faithful! He, and only HE is faithful, for He has overcome the world.

What are you placing your faith in today?

What fills your blank?

“I can’t wait to meet my Jesus.”
“All I want is to know him more.”
He alone is going to give me such joy and peace.”

Take it from a girl who’s been there, planning out the rest of my life: a future with Jesus is better than any future we could ever imagine.

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