“1, 2, 3, Eyes on me!”

As an elementary teacher, I would probably blush if I were to tell you how many times I say this phrase in a day. It feels like first thing in the morning, end of the day, and every moment in between! It’s because I want my students to trust me, focus on the important things I have to say, and engage them in what they should learn. They’re only children, after all, and it’s my beautiful job to guide them in their learning  and growth in this short season of their lives. To do this, I need their eyes on me.

Friends, I am such a child too. Sometimes, I feel lost, unknowing, and small. I don’t know how to do this whole life thing, especially not at 22! I have found in these moments of my being, my heart gets pulled in every direction. But the Great Teacher is always there, whether I realize it or not, attempting to break through the noise with simple words to meet me in my brokenness:

“Jenny, eyes on ME.”

Our Jesus wants our attention. He wants our focus and our hearts. He wants to teach us, to help us learn and grow, to meet us where we are and hold our hands and wrap us up in bear hugs and listen while we cry and make us laugh and show us things we never even knew we needed. He wants to love us unconditionally, more than we ever dreamed. He’ll show us grace, freedom, and life as it was created to be. We just have to notice.

Lord, I pray we keep our Eyes on Thee.

Love you a million,

**I hope my encounters with the King encourage you to notice His hand in your life. Please feel free to share YOUR story, questions, and prayer requests with us here.**